3. Selection Criteria. The majority of government employers require applicants to address selection criteria in their job application. Hire one of our professional writers to help you get short-listed for more jobs! Our writers have extensive experience preparing government job applications and know what it takes to produce a successful application.

Your writer will then wordsmith this information into a logical response that clearly addresses the selection criteria requirements using relevant keywords and phrases. It is important to note that you will not be able to dictate your STAR examples over the phone, nor will your writer be able to create a generic response without your input as the examples used may be included in discussion at the job interview. 4. LinkedIn Writing Service – Complete Profile.

I have helped many people with their resumes over the years and trends have changed over time and there is still much debate on best practices for certain parts of a resume. For instance, across the board, expert resume writers, HR Directors, and Hiring Managers all still have different views on whether or not an address should be on the resume, whether you should have an objective, the best way to format, or even factors such as how the resume is designed. A Graphic Designer’s resume is likely to look completely different and may use color, and some subtle creative graphics or include a personal essay logo whereas an MBA graduate will likely have the same ol’ headline, summary, and quantifiable results written in their experience section. That being said, I don’t know how the software would account for differences in industries and am not convinced that it does.

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